Stocks alerts from The fish4Bucks social network at the Traders Lounge web site and broadcasted for informational purposes only. Information on these pages contains forward looking statements that involve risk and uncertainties.

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The purpose of these alerts are to make investors aware of possibile High Probability Setups as they occur and are in no way a directive to Buy or Sell a Stock, Option or any traded equidity.

You should consult a qualified trader, financial advisor or broker before making any investment decisions. All information here is included for members of the Fish4Bucks trading group and has been accepted by its members to allow for this communication and active e-mail, RSS or Twitter or any social correspondence.

 Past performance of stocks profiled on this web site is not a guarantee as to future performance. The information contained herein should not be considered to be all-inclusive and is not guaranteed by greg Hall or the Fish4Bucks Website to be free from misstatements or errors.

Any damages or Losses occured by fish4bucks members is considered liable by you as a subcriber or follower of this service.

By following or Subcribing you agree not to in anyway deem the managemant, Greg Hall, or the Fish4Bucks website for any losses.

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